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Living Our Values at von Drehle

When Frank and Pat von Drehle founded our company in 1974, they sought to build a company based on integrity, respect and doing what you say you’re going to do. We’re proud to say that those values are still at the core of everything we do at von Drehle.

Integrity and Trust

All companies want to grow and be successful, and von Drehle is no different. But according to Director of National Accounts David Hine, the way we go about finding success is different. Integrity has always been at the core of how we do business, and the growth of our national accounts under David and others exemplifies this. “To see how much we’ve grown while maintaining all of our commitments to our other business segments and doing it in a responsible, thoughtful way is something I’m proud of,” he says. “We always have our customers’ interests in mind, and if we are pursuing a piece of business and find out it would be to the detriment of another piece of our business, we back off.” That’s one of the ways von Drehle takes care of our customers, and David explains that it is “from the heartbeat of the von Drehle family. We take care of our customers and the people who have gotten us to where we are today. We won’t harm that, even if another piece of business looks bigger.” 

Making a Positive Difference

Making a difference is central to von Drehle’s mission. Since 2019, we have been a proud partner of People Offering Relief From Community Hunger (PORCH) here in Hickory, North Carolina. This all-volunteer effort assists families experiencing food insecurity. Each month, a dedicated group of von Drehle team members fills our PORCH bin with donations of spaghetti, sauce, peanut butter, jelly, canned goods and other non-perishables. Our own Ace March jumps at the chance to transport the donations to the distribution center each month, playing an important role in supporting dozens of local families. This is just one of the many ways von Drehle gives back to our community.

Respect for All

When our Director of Sales Larry Cook was building and growing our sales team, he kept our commitment to respect for all at the forefront. That value is one of the things that attracted Larry to von Drehle in the first place, and he genuinely lives it through his collaboration with our teams, making sure we do whatever we have to do to ensure the best outcome for our customers and company. Respect is at the core of the relationships we build, and it’s why we work so hard to help people by understanding their needs.

Larry sums it up perfectly: “Our goal is to bring value beyond the towel and tissue we manufacture. That’s our livelihood, but it isn’t actually the most important part of what we do. The most important part of building this business is helping people by understanding their needs. It’s not about us, it’s about them.”

Committed to Our Work Family

Peggy Whalen, our Senior Manager of Customer Services, describes von Drehle as a very “employee motivated” company that’s more like a family than a business. That sentiment is shared by Director of Human Resources Dawna Blackburn, who says “Our state of It’s All About People is exemplified at all levels of our organization. Our people engage, they care, they make things happen every day, and they don’t give up on each other. We have amazing people!”

Dawna plays a big role in cultivating that work family. “Whatever the initiative, policy or moment, I think about how we can take care of our employees,” she says. “I love creating an environment where our people feel they are a true Employee Owner who is excited about where we are going as an organization and proud of the value they bring to our work family.”

Humility: A Servant’s Heart

Humility means spending time listening to others, being grateful for what you have, asking for help when you need it and seeking feedback from others on a regular basis. We actively make space for those practices in everything we do at von Drehle.

Quality Manager Chris Bratton works hard to make sure everyone’s voice is heard at von Drehle: “If I hear an initiative from someone on my team and it’s better than what we’re doing, we’re going to do it. We are always changing, always adjusting.” He adds that “at von Drehle, no one is more important anybody else – from the CEO to the stacker packer. Everyone is a wheel in the cog, and we give them processes to make their positions and jobs easier.”

Come Join Our Family

If these values align with yours and you want to be able to say you love your job every day, apply for a position with von Drehle today. Click here to get started!