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Transcend® Dispenser Line Delivers Style Plus Functionality

It’s a new year, but some things never change. Since our founding in 1974, von Drehle has been committed to building strong customer relationships. Not the kinds that begin and end with a sale, but those that foster deeper conversations, listening and gathering feedback. The most recent result of those relationships and the work of our engineers, designers and suppliers is our Transcend® Dispenser Line.

Our customers told us they wanted a more modern, consistent look that brings together the entire restroom, from the sinks to the stalls. We delivered by giving the Transcend® Dispenser Line a streamlined, modern look that will complement any restroom from the front-of-the-house to the back.

We heard that while black dispensers are a traditional favorite, our customers want more options. We delivered by creating two additional options — white and a stainless finish. These designs satisfy customer needs and open new distribution channels.

We know customers want to see through dispensers to monitor paper usage, and we delivered with the Transcend line’s elegant translucent covers.

Indestructibility, a hallmark of our dispensers, was also mentioned by our customers. We delivered by combining the sleek look of Transcend dispensers with with toughness we are known for.

We know ease-of-use is a priority for facility maintenance personnel, and we delivered by improving the locking mechanism on Transcend dispensers. One metal key opens the complete line of dispensers, which also feature a dual locking function. Keyless push-button access is also available.

Reducing the work burden of maintenance personnel is another goal, and we delivered by increasing the high capacity capabilities of the line. Service requirements drop when you can place more paper towels and tissues into the dispenser.

The Transcend® line consists of five controlled-use dispensers:


The Transcend® Smart-Core™ Twin Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers, capable of holding 2,290 feet of 2-ply tissue, cutting maintenance demands and reducing the risk of run-outs.

The Smart-Core™ Side-by-Side Tissue Dispenser and the Transcend® Smart-Core™ Mini Twin Tissue Dispensers, featuring a compact dispensing system that reduces costs, waste and maintenance demands. These dispensers take the same paper (940’ 2-ply, 1700’ 1-ply and a premium virgin paper option of 840’ 2-ply) but offer two different looks. 

The Full-Size Mechanical Hand-Free Towel Dispenser, which holds 1,000′ of toweling, and the Compact Mechanical Hands-Free Towel Dispenser, which holds 600′ of toweling. Both dispensers feature low pull force, a long tail to prevent tabbing and an automatic stub-roll feature.

Combining style with functionality, the Transcend® line of dispensers can help you reduce waste, costs and maintenance demands while transcending above the standard. Learn more today by calling us at 800-438-3631.