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von Drehle: Made in the USA

Since our founding in 1974, von Drehle’s products have been proudly Made in the USA. What do those four words mean? In the simplest terms, they mean that our products are made right here in the US, but we like to think they are shorthand for something more — for quality products, manufactured with integrity by a company that cares for its employees, partners, community and planet.

Made in the USA Means Caring for Our Planet


Our paper mills are where von Drehle’s quality towel and tissue begins. In Cordova, NC and Natchez, MS, we make the “parent rolls” that are later used in our converting facilities. Each and every parent roll produced at our paper mills is made from 100% recycled paper fiber. Not a single tree is harvest to supply our mills. This recycled paper fiber contains a minimum of 50% post consumer content — diverting thousands of tons of waste paper from landfills each year.

Our state-of-the-art de-inking and cleaning facilities allow us to use a wider variety of waste paper, which further reduces the amount of waste paper destined to end up in landfills. Our facilities also use over 50% less water than the industry average — resulting in an annual savings of nearly 400 million gallons of water.

These parent rolls are then received at our converting facilities, where they are converted into the quality towel and tissue products you love. Each facility is quipped with state-of-the-art machinery and staffed by dedicated, experienced technicians. 

All of our end cuts are collected and recycled, and we are consistently below industry averages for waste percentages at each facility. Our parent roll cores are collected and go back to the paper mills to be reused, we recycle pallets, repair damaged ones and installed balers to compact recycled materials. These steps allow us to create a significant positive impact on the environment. 

Made in the USA Means Caring for Our Employees and Partners


von Drehle offers the finest customer service in the industry, and our “family first” culture is evident in every aspect of our business.

“We always have our customers’ interests in mind,” says Director of National Accounts David Hine. “We take care of our customers and the people who have gotten us to where we are today.” 

Investing in our work family is just as important. Director of Human Resources Dawna Blackburn explains that our statement of “It’s All About People” is “exemplified at all levels of our organization. Our people engage, they care, they make things happen every day, and they don’t give up on each other.” 

Made in the USA Means Caring for Our Communities


That “family first” sentiment extends to our wider communities as well. Giving back is woven into our business, and we are proud to support many of our team members in their endeavors to make the world a better place.

In Madison, Wisconsin, our Director of Sales for Healthcare and National Accounts, Anita Mckinley, works to make the world a more accepting place by volunteering with Gigi’s Playhouse and kids and adults with Down syndrome. Right here in North Carolina, von Drehle team members have been involved with Special Olympicsreducing hunger in our communities and even rescuing our four-legged friends. These and other initiatives connect us to our wider communities and allow us to lift up others in our shared humanity. 

That’s what “Made in the USA” means to us. It’s the who, what, why and where behind every one of our products and so much more than just a label.