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Folded Towels

Preserve® C-Fold Towels

von Drehle C-Fold Towels provide a big 9-inch by 13-inch, soft, strong, absorbent towel to get the job done, and feature a centerfold design so that they can be dispensed one towel at-a-time to control usage and reduce waste.
Item No.DescriptionPlysSheets/RollItems/CaseCases/PalletFor Use WithColorLearn More
524t524T (Discontinued)Elegance® - 13" x 9" - TAD11751272175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSWhiteView Item/towels/524t/
GreenSeal2524w524-W (Discontinued)Preserve® - 13" x 9" - White12001272175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSWhiteView Item/towels/524w/

Preserve® Multi-Fold Towels

You don’t have to choose between recycled paper and superior performance. These soft, absorbent towels have a drying strength that reduces consumption. Packaged for easy handling and storage, these premium towels are available in a wide selection to meet specific customer needs.

Item No.DescriptionPlysSheets/RollItems/CaseCases/PalletFor Use WithColorLearn More
546T548T546TElegance® - 9.5" x 8.6" - TAD12501663175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSWhiteView Item/towels/546t/
546T548T548TElegance® - 9.5" x 9.25" - TAD12501663175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSWhiteView Item/towels/548t/
GreenSeal2548-K548-KPreserve® - 9.5" x 9.25" - Kraft12501663175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSBrownView Item/towels/548-k/
GreenSeal2548-W548-WPreserve® - 9.5" x 9.25" - White12501663175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSWhiteView Item/towels/548-w/

Preserve® Single-Fold Towels

von Drehle Single-Fold Towels are easy to load and unfold. These towels are an affordable choice for all applications. Available in white and natural and made from 100% recycled fiber.
Item No.DescriptionPlysSheets/RollItems/CaseCases/PalletFor Use WithColorLearn More
Recycled540-K540-K (Discontinued)Preserve® - 10.25" x 9.25" - Kraft12501660N/ABrownView Item/towels/540-k/
Recycled540-W540-W (Discontinued)Preserve® - 10.25" x 9.25" - White12501660N/AWhiteView Item/towels/540-w/
Recycled701701Windshield Towel - 9.25" x 10.25" - Blue12239100N/ABlueView Item/wipers/701-2/

Preserve® Mini-Folds

von Drehle’s Preserve® Mini Folds are available in White, Natural, or Premium Tad and are an excellent solution for everyday challenges. Perfect for use in restrooms, outpatient rooms, nursing homes, healthcare, classrooms, cafeterias, spill stations, fitness centers and more.
Item No.DescriptionSheets/PackPacks/CaseSheets/CaseFor Use WithLearn More
545k545-KPreserve® Mini Folds250328,000161AO, 154AO, 265AOView Item/towels/545k/
545w545-WPreserve® Mini Folds250328,000161AO, 154AO, 265AOView Item/towels/545w/

Baseline Folded Towels

von Drehle’s Baseline Folded Towels are available in white and natural and add value to any bathroom. These folded towels are compatible with any von Drehle folded towel dispenser or any folded towel dispenser on the market. Baseline towels are made from 100% recycled fiber and contain a minimum of 45% post-consumer content.
Item No.DescriptionPlysSheets/PackItems/CaseCases/PalletFor Use WithColorLearn More
GreenSeal2Baseline(2)B925BBaseline White Multifold Towels2501663175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSWhiteView Item/towels/b925b/
Baseline(1)B925NBaseline Multifold Towels2501663175AO, 175AOW, TT5000B, TT5000SSBrownView Item/towels/b925n/